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Most of the below resources are USA-geared, so non Americans especially please contribute some links! Fix or remove any broken ones, thanks.

University Resources

Starting Out

College Board
Plan for College
Search for Colleges
Apply for College
Pay for College

Et cetera
Open Directory Project, info galore

Old Threads

Just so that you don't have to revive these subjects...

Spacefem's Guide to College Survival
Common Mistakes
College Application Process
Choosing Classes
Financing College
Students loans for families with no money
Things to know about college (useful replies)
Dorming (useful replies)
Things that annoy people in class
Law School: Why and How?

Choosing a Major

Nice Article
Another Article

(Tip: If you plan to go to college undeclared, it's a good idea to find a university that has several majors in which you are interested.)

What can I do with my major?

Each link goes to a different site.
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

(Check and see if your university has their own page for this first, many do. Be sure to keep in mind that so many of these jobs aren't easily obtainable. One of the possibilities listed under Foreign Languages is Religious Leader. Just use your common sense and do some research.)

Study Abroad

Rotary Youth Exchange (Great program, Zeph's review.)
Program Locator
Study Abroad Directory
Study/Intern/Volunteer Abroad
Study/travel programs, student insurance, cheap airfare

Inexpensive Programs
First Step World (enjoyed by Zeph)
Cactus Language (widest variety of languages/locations)
Bridge Abroad
FLE (French only)
Amazingly CHEAP Russian Program at Moscow State University

Career Resources


How to write an effective resume
Action words to use in resumes
Resume Samples

Cover Letters

How to write a cover letter
DWH's guide to cover letters
The Basics of Cover Letter Writing

Job Boards

Career Builder
Creative Heads- Jobs for Right Brains
Dice- Job Search for Technology Professionals
US Government Jobs


Interview Tips
Acing the Interview
Interviewing Success

Cost of Living

COL Comparison Calculator
COL Wizard Tool

Career Reviews

Electrical Engineer by Spacefem
Interpreter by Xinzang
Presbyterian Pastor by Glassballerina
Governmental Mathematical Statistician by metawidget

Hope these links help ease the pain of figuring out what you want to do with the rest of your life. Good luck and have a smooth ride!